Tests Performed

Oilwatch serves a wide variety of industries

Oilwatch provides oil and machine condition maintenance through the following:

Wear metal and oil additive analysis:

Oil is analysed for wear metals, additives and contaminants. We monitor the condition of the oil and the amount of wear taking place.

Organic Analysis:

Determines the organic compounds in oil and monitors contamination, degradation, water content and additive depletion.

Viscosity Analysis:

Viscosity is measured. Incorrect viscosity may indicate: The wrong oil. Contamination. Fuel dilution. Sooting. Oil degradation and oxidation.

Particle count:

Oil cleanliness is measured. Provides valuable information to keep oil clean and extend machine life. Shows excessive contaminantion and sediment.

Variety of other tests:

Karl Fischer water determination. Turbine oil colorimetry. Flashpoint. Transformer oil services. Coolant analysis. Diesel analysis.

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